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Monday, September 03, 2007

Bronze trees

Listen to little birdie's station

Well, it's autumn again...
Újra ősz van...

Today's view from our window, the last seconds before the sun went to sleep
Mai látvány az ablakunkból, pár másodperccel azelőtt, hogy a Nap nyugovóra tért

Tree in sunset

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Trees in sunset 2.

Trees in sunset 1.

Trees and church in sunset

Same view as on this clear winter morning.
Ugyanaz a kilátás, mint ezen a tiszta téli reggelen.


claude said...

So early ! What beaufitul colours ! Very nice shots Andrea. Raindrop is back ! Alone and sad. Read her blog.

raindrop said...

Hello Andrea! Here I am. Alone, it's true but I'm not sad anymore.
I love those pictures, the autumn brings us beautiful colors!

Andrea Gerak said...

Hello Raindrop, it's good that you are not sad :-))


Hi Andrea
Lovely shots

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